ACTAIS Patrol Guard System

Patrol monitoring systems usually require specific mobile devices from which the data has to be manually downloaded after the patrols. The ACTAIS Patrol Guard System, developed by EcoComputer, allows the data from patrols to be automatically downloaded in real time. The user only needs to download the application onto an NFC-enabled Android mobile phone and use the phone to read the monitoring points of the patrols. The information will be automatically sent to a web application where it can be reviewed in real time.

What is new in this application?

This application is designed for monitoring security patrols and area access as well as, in general, for tracking the movements of any particular person through preselected points. The information recorded is accessible in real time.

In order to monitor a person's movements, that person must have an Android mobile phone with NFC technology. This application can be extended to include any other NFC-enabled mobile but this has not yet been implemented.

The user, through the mobile, digitally signs in at a specific location by placing the device next to a proximity tag that has been attached to a relevant place on the premises. The sign-ins are stored on a server. The data is then accessible through either a mobile phone or website. Such information can be filtered to show details on particular users. For example, the line manager of the security guards will only be able to view the sign-in data of his/her staff, the department manager will be able to see all recorded data, whereas the monitored staff members will only be able to see their own data.

It is basically the same patrol management that security services already have in place, however, this service transmits data online and provides centralised information management through management software.


The system requires tags or plastic discs to be located in the different monitoring points, industrial estate buildings or zones. These 3cm diameter discs contain a central hole allowing for screwed attachment.

The user only has to place the mobile phone close to the tag while making the rounds and this point will be recorded.

Mobile Phone Application

User level

The application allows security guards to identify themselves when starting the shift. The same device can thus be shared among as many guards as required.

The application is activated from the beginning of the shift, so the only thing to be done is to place the phone next to each tag on the route so the tag can record the entry or exit of the premises. When the tag detects the phone, a sound will be emitted and the entry/exit selection screen for the premises, in which the user is located, will be shown.

At any time, the user can check their movements and sign-ins if so desired.

Administrator level

From the administrator's own phone, the administrator can choose the users, register them and, among other options, add tags to the facilities.

When registering a user, the administrator decides on the type of system for the user to sign-in on: entry/exit, a set or free patrol.


If the user is on a set patrol, the next location on the planned route will be indicated. Under this work mode, the user can know at all times the previously signed-in points and the next ones on the schedule.

On a free patrol, there is no set order for signing in at the monitoring points. The user can return to such a point if necessary.

Web application

The administrator will also have all service data available through a web page.

All users, as desired, will have access to the web application and they can be granted permissions for performing functions and viewing relevant data. For example, the customer, who is the owner of the particular facilities, will be able to access the sign-in records for any particular time period. While the same information, but encompassing all buildings in the area, will be available to the manager(s) of the lot.

This application is produced by the Development Department of EcoComputer. We will carry out any modification or extension to the stated functions (route monitoring, GPS-tracked patrol) within very tight deadlines.